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     Physical properties of boron

    Element symbol: B, relative atomic mass: 10.82, isotope 10B and 11B;

    Density: 2.3g/cm3 (amorphous boron bulk density 0.3-1.5g/cm3);

    Melting point: 2300 C, boiling point: 2550 C;

    The latent heat of evaporation is: 481482 char / mole;

    The specific heat capacity is: 1.2941398 char / g;

    The coefficient of linear expansion is 2 * 10-6;

    When the temperature is heated from 0 to 600, the conductivity increases to 100 times.

    The resistivity is: 1.8 * 1012 micro European centimeters;

    The hardness of MOS (Mohs) is above 9.

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