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    The use of boron 10 (10B) isotopes.
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    Boron 10 (10B) isotopes:

    Boron 10 (10B) isotope is the best material for shielding neutrons and R rays. It plays a role in protecting people from radiation. It has a wide range of applications in nuclear energy, defense industry, medicine and science and technology.

    1. military protection: used for production and protective clothing, neutron gun protective clothing, etc.

    2. nuclear industry: depending on the stability of boron 10 in the nuclear reaction process, the fission rate can be adjusted, the nuclear radiation and the nuclear reaction intensity are shielded, and the neutron absorbent or shielding material of the reactor can be used as a control rod.

    3. medical treatment: the killing effect of boron neutron irradiation on cancer cells.

    With the development and progress of national defense technology and the vigorous development of nuclear industry, the demand for boron 10 is increasing and the quality demanded is higher and higher. High quality and high purity boron 10 products are in urgent need of industrial production, changing the situation of relying mainly on imports as soon as possible, and creating their own industrial brands.


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